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Weekly Virtual Zumba Fitness Classes. Join the Fiesta!

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Tuesday 7:00 am- Zumba Toning (1lb dumbbells)

Thursday 7:00 am - Zumba ( dance cardio)

Saturday 9:30 am - Zumba Toning (1lb dumbbells)

Sunday 9:30 AM - Zumba (dance cardio)

Join us in real-time. Live classes help keep you accountable. Classes are 30 minutes.

Members get exclusive access to our class recordings so you never miss a class. This is great to join classes on your own time. If you have extra energy you can double up with two sessions back to back. 

Get moving, glowing, and having fun!

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When women get together as a group, it's immensely powerful.

Annie Lennox

Fiesta Fit Sisters Outdoor class - Fall 2021. Rockville, MD 


Jacqueline P

Highly recommend these workout classes! The Fiesta Fit Sisters offer fun and effective classes that keep you engaged and looking forward to the next class. I was struggling to find a workout that I liked and could consistently follow and hadn’t really worked out in over 2 years. But I’ve now been working out with Fiesta Fit Sisters at least 4 times a week since April and love that I’m feeling healthier, stronger and happier since joining!


Helena D

I have been taking zumba classes with Marilin and Veronica for the last seven or eight years, and this is the only form of exercise and group that I stuck with. Their classes give you a serious workout masked as pure fun, and by now they feel like family. Veronica and Marilin are optimistic, warm, non-judgemental and have a beautiful way of motivating you to move and dance and focus on your wellness overall. During COVID, their classes have been even more important than before, as we move less, eat more and really need exercise and motivation. Heartfelt recommendation!


Julia D

Marilin and Veronica are wonderful instructors. They have fun choreography and a super friendly, positive attitude. I love dancing live with them on Zoom and appreciate that they give access to the class recordings, in case my schedule doesn't allow for me to attend the live classes.

I am so glad to be a member of the Fiesta Fit Sisters Virtual Studio. It's a great way to stay on track - I love the sisters' lively dance fitness classes. They are motivating and fun!

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